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Request for Computing Resources for the
CUNY High Performance Computing Facility at CSI

If you have any questions regarding the online application, please send mail to

Applying for a HPCC Account

Only CUNY faculty, research staff, collaborators at other universities, and public and private sector partners, and currently enrolled CUNY students (who MUST have a faculty sponsor) may receive authorization to use the CUNY HPCC systems. Applications for accounts are accepted at any time, but accounts expire on 30 September and must be renewed before then.

A user account is issued to an individual user. Accounts are not to be shared.

Users are responsible for protecting their passwords. Passwords are not to be shared.

HPC Training Schedule
User Account Application
Course Application
User Account Renewal
Irods Project Application

General Use Information

By applying for and obtaining an account, the user agrees to the HPCC Acceptable Use Policy and the HPCC User Account and Password Policy.

Each user account, upon creation, is provided a 50 GB home directory. If required, a user may request an increase in the size of their home directory. The HPCC will endeavor to satisfy reasonable requests.

When an user account is established, only the user has read/write access to his files. The user can change his UNIX permissions to allow others in his group to read/write to his file. Also, the account may be assigned to a “research project group”. The group owner, usually the Principal Investigator for the group.

An incremental backup of all home directories is performed daily. These backups are retain ed for three weeks. Full backups are performed weekly and are retained for two months.


Users are requested to include the following acknowledgement on all papers, presentations, and reports resulting from the use of CUNY HPCC resources:

“The CUNY HPCC is operated by the College of Staten Island and funded, in part, by grants from the City of New York, State of New York, CUNY Research Foundation, and National Science Foundation Grants CNS-0958379, CNS-0855217 and ACI 1126113.”

and to send a copy of the material to

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